Hey Username!

Posted on 25 Januari 2011


To create accounts such as blogs, twitter and email, of course you are asked to choose username. Some people choose username associated with his personality, things he liked, zodiac or whatever.

I tend to use my own name, if possible nickname without surname. Unfortunately I just get that username for my tumblr account.

Let’s see

1) Twitter

Someone taken username I want, she has 3 followers, nothing yet to tweet and follow nobody.

2. WordPress

Nothing to get from this blog. She never posted a single word. I suspect it was me who made this account, maybe couple years ago or maybe when I was in elementary school, hahaa!

3. Blogspot

This is the better search so far. She, which is using Partuguese, posted some photos of her and relatives.

Thus the result of my silly curiousity 😉

See you soon!

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