This image has been retouched to lower your self-esteem

Posted on 4 Februari 2011


Watch the video below to find out how photoshop and other digital processing program has influenced our perception and motivate us to do some excercise or the other effort to become alike a superstar.

Related to psychology, according to one of Existential Theories from Carl Rogers, the ideal self defined as one’s view of self as one wishes to be. In the other hand, self concept includes all those of one’s being and one’s experiences that are perceived in awareness by the individual.

A wide gap between ideal self and self concept indicates an unhealthy personality.

So we’d better more critical forming our ideal self, do not be fooled by some superstar’s appereance. Be healthy and be yourself.

Feist, J & Feist, G.J. 2006. Theories of Personality. (6th Ed.). McGraw-Hill: Singapore.

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