Punished or Not To Punished

Posted on 14 Januari 2011


Yesterday I was reading someone twitter,

“Pedofile should be punished, if necessary, the death penalty.”

I immediately thought of the lessons about abnormal psychology. According to abnormal psychology book, pedophilia is part of Paraphilias.

Paraphilias are a group of disorders defined by sexual attraction to unusual objects or sexual activities. Paraphilias included:

  • Fetishism involves a reliance on an inanimate object for sexual arousal. The presence of the fetish is srongly preferred or even necessary for sexual arousal. Common fetishes are clothing (especially underwear), rubber product (like raincoats), and something related to feet (like woman’s shoes and stocking).
  • Tranvestic Fetishism refers to recurrent an intense sexual arousal from cross-dressing. Transvestism get the sexual arousal her/ his partner is wearing cross-dressing cloth. We should differentiate Transvestism from people who want to be transgender.
  • Pedophilia refers to adults who derive sexual gratification through sexual contact with pubertal chidren.
  • Voyeurism involves an intense and recurrent desire to obtain sexual gratification by watching unsuspecting others in a state of undress or having sexual relations.
  • Exhibitionism is a recurrent, intense desire to obtain sexual gratification by exposing one’s genitals or unwilling stranger, sometimes a child. Exhibtionis get the reward if the stanger shout or show the shocked expression.
  • Frotteurism involves the sexually oriented touching of unsuspecting person. The frontteur may rub his penis againts a woman’s tights or buttocks of fondle her breast or genitas. The frontteur attacks in typically places like crowded bus or sidewalk.
  • Sexual sadism defined by an intense and recurrent desire to obtain or increase sexual gratiffication by inflicting pain or psycological suffering. Sexual Masochism is defined by an intense and recurring desire to obtain sexual gratiffication through being  subjected to pain or humiliation.

The things that distinguish paraphilias from a normal person is that dependence on the object pharaphilias very strong. In addition, it is important that paraphilias can not control his actions if they received the impulse of one object that has been describedabove. So it’s not his personal power to do so.

If related to the twitter posts, punishing pedophile must be accompanied by therapy for recover from deviant behavior.



Kring, et. al. (2010). Abnormal Psychology (11th ed.). John Wiley & Sons: Asia.

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